Thursday, November 1, 2012

GTA Wedding Locations - Metropolitan Hotel Toronto

As a result of having provided flower arrangements for many weddings held in the Greater Toronto area, Power Flowers has visited many different ceremony and reception locations. There is certainly a wide range of locations in Toronto and surrounding areas to host a wedding ceremony or reception. Over the next few posts on this blog, we will provide a short overview of some of the wedding ceremony and reception locations we have visited in the past in order to make you aware of some of the options available if you are planning a wedding in the Greater Toronto area. Power Flowers does not endorse any of the locations we cover and it is strongly recommended that you contact the ceremony and reception locations to confirm any information we provide and obtain more details. We cannot comment on costs, menus, or other details that typically would not have been conveyed to us by the bride and groom when they ordered the flower arrangements from us. The intention of providing an overview is to simply make you aware of the location and comment on our observations which you should also confirm with the vendor. We will provide links to the portfolios on the Power Flowers web site ( showing the floral designs we provided for the bride and groom at that location.

If you are looking to host a wedding ceremony or reception in downtown Toronto, take a look at the Metropolitan Hotel Toronto.  This gem is located on the west side of Chestnut Street in the shadow of Toronto City Hall.  The massive Toronto City Hall underground parking garage means that parking near the Metropolitan Hotel Toronto is available.  I would imagine that parking in the hotel itself is also an option so take your pick of the parking alternatives available. The hotel has a number of different sized rooms where a wedding ceremony or reception can be hosted.  The hotel also has a selection of restaurants where, I believe, receptions can be held.  One of these restaurants is a pleasant location that has an oriental theme with the option of serving Chinese fare. With all these facilities being inside the hotel complex, you have the option of reserving one or more rooms at the hotel.  This avoids the bride, groom, and the rest of the wedding party navigating to the Metropolitan Hotel Toronto to get to the ceremony and reception on time.

Take a look at the Metropolitan Hotel Toronto if you are examining the option of hosting your wedding in the heart of downtown Toronto. The staff at the hotel are very helpful and they will be able to provide all the details you require and answer all your questions.

Power Flowers has provided wedding flower arrangements for ceremonies and receptions at the Metropolitan Hotel Toronto.  The following links contains photos of some of the flower arrangements Power Flowers delivered to the Metropolitan Hotel Toronto:

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